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it's literature to puke to.

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Weird! [Thursday Oct 13th

Challenge: songs featuring a glove compartment
Jayz - 99 problems
death cab for you-know-who - title & registration
tom vek - on the road
bob dylan - john birch paranoid blues
fountains of wayne - mexican wine
barenaked ladies - testing 1,2,3.
kinks - americana
ludacris - act a fool
tom waits - foreign affairs
soppy fucks

Warnings & Promises ensue. [Sunday Aug 28th

[ mood | ill ]

I really need to get & hear an mp3 of Idlewild's Not Just Sometimes But Always. M'aidez.

soppy fucks

[Monday Jun 27th

I am slowly, surely, killing this com.
Please share what you're listening to right now.
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This Is A Plea [Sunday May 8th

If I could mix, I would put together the "please forgive me.." reprise of Chemical Brothers' Golden Path and, from Radiohead's Fake Plastic Trees, "if I could be who you wanted". If you can, do.
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New bid for indie poster boy [Tuesday Apr 26th

I say Sufjan Stevens.
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[Tuesday Mar 1st

[ mood | sleepy ]

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[Tuesday Dec 14th

[ mood | silly ]

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[Sunday Nov 28th

[ mood | hungover in the extreme ]

So, I don't really love anyone at the moment (boo)... Apart from Daniel Kessler and that bloke from Teachers. But no-one tangible. Sigh. But I thought that it would be in the spirit of soppyfucks to make a list of things that make me happy. Because I can. So there.

- friendly cats
- pyjamas
- salt and vinegar Squares
- old vinyl
- kissing at night
- XL wooly jumpers
- Joanna Newsom
- vintage clothing bargains
- bad plastic surgery TV shows
- the lyrics of Adam Green
- dancing in dark & dirty clubs
- dressing up
- old band tees
- malibu & coke
- my fringe
- holding hands
- e.e. cummings' poetry
- listening to sad music
- new books
- dictaphone cassettes
- badges
- drunken deejaying
- seeing hot new bands
- buttons and beads
- boys who like music
- these lyrics: "I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned."

There's probably more, but right now my hangover is preventing me from coming up with them...

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save your money for the children.. [Sunday Nov 28th

[ mood | loved ]

Me and Grace both have songs with titles bearing the names we were christened with.
We'll have them played at our wedding.
Do you, Claire and Davedavedave?
Didn't think so.
That wasn't very loving of me, was it?
I wish you two every happiness in the world.
And at the same time, welcome to the community everyone else.
We at soppyfucks are a simple lot.
If you have a nice, heart-warming story, be sure to post it here.
Because your emo friends will only get pissed off if you clutter their friends list with too much happiness.
We, however, embrace it.
We want our computers to frazzle from uncontrollable teardrops.
Jon xx

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