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get out of my bed, and into my heart.

indie pin-up for the month of may : sufjan stevens

it's literature to puke to.
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Here is a place for you to share your innermost feelings and passions for the one you love the most.
We at soppyfucks exist for the sole purpose of making 'ohmygodihatetheworldandiwanttodie' kids read something that isn't about themselves, and hopefully make them vomit into their Blink 182 CDs.
I'm happy.
Oh so happy.
Are you?

Things to be happy for -

- friendly cats
- pyjamas
- salt and vinegar Squares
- old vinyl
- kissing at night
- XL wooly jumpers
- Joanna Newsom
- vintage clothing bargains
- bad plastic surgery TV shows
- the lyrics of Adam Green
- dancing in dark & dirty clubs
- dressing up
- old band tees
- malibu & coke
- my fringe
- holding hands
- e.e. cummings' poetry
- listening to sad music
- new books
- dictaphone cassettes
- badges
- drunken deejaying
- seeing hot new bands
- buttons and beads
- boys who like music
- these lyrics: "I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned."
(last revised 29th November.)